Who says E-Collars can't also be fashionable? With an easy, slip on option AND an adjustable bungee - there's nothing the e-collar can't do! All bungee collars come standard with a cord stopper to keep the ends contained and good looking.

Biothane is the perfect choice for your dog accessories. It's water-proof, easy to wipe clean and stays vibrant forever!


*Enter your dog's actual neck size. Do not add or remove length to accommodate your receiver, I will do that.


**Please ensure your e-collar receiver fits a 3/4" or 1" prior to ordering


***Biothane rarely fits through the top slot on your receiver. Simply use the two side slots and bypass the top one. This is not affect the use of your receiver.


****DISCLAIMER: Our E-collar strap is a training tool which is intended to be used with an e-collar receiver and should never be worn as a collar alone. The locking mechanism is meant to stay locked in place, and while rare, an e-collar bungee can tighten. ALWAYS supervise your dog while using an e-collar bungee and check the tension regularily to loosen if necessary.

E-Collar Strap with Bungee