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Meauring / sizing

All of our collars are custom made. This ensure that each dog receives a perfectly fitting collar. that being said, our collars are made with 5 holes, 1" apart, to allow for adjustments


*** Collars that are 13" or longer will have holes 1" apart.

Collars that are 12.5" or smaller will have holes 3/4" apart.

Because of this, it is important that you properly measure you pup's neck (we will not exchange collars that do not fit due to mismeasuring).

Below, you will find two measuring guides to help you find the perfect fit:

Replacements or Repairs

We at That's so Fetch Collar Co. stand behind our products.

What does that mean? Our hardware carries a 6 month warranty (orders placed on or after Oct 12, 2022). If your hardware breaks we will replace it (shipping to be paid by the customer).

If your product requires repairs outside of our warranty, please contact us. 


Normal wear and tear, including scratches or scuffs to the hardware or Biothane, as well as requesting a change in colour or hardware colour after it is made are not covered. While Biothane is strong, it is not indestructible. Biothane that drags on the ground may snag on rocks or other sharp objects. We will not replace products that are damaged from dragging on the ground. 

* It is your responsibility to regularly check your gear for defects or weak points to ensure that gear is not lost and to ensure the safety of your pups. We are not responsible for lost gear.

Cracking Biothane / Topical Flea and Tick Medication

Topical flea and tick medication can cause Biothane to crack. We suggest removing the collar for a couple of days after you apply any topical medication.

In rare cases, some dogs have been known to produce natural oils that can cause Biothane to crack. Collars should be removed regularly for cleaning.



Indestructible! While Biothane is extremely durable, it is not impervious to puppy teeth or strong chewers. For that reason, we will not replace any product that was destroyed by your dog.

As always, supervise your pet around anything that shouldn't go in its mouth. 


We carry 4 hardware options.

Brass: Our brass hardware is 100% brass (with the exception of the quick release buckel, which is plated zinc alloy).

Brass is incredibly strong and wont rust. It can, however, tarnish, which can be easily corrected with a metal polish!

Pebble black: We have one of the strongest black coatings on the market. It is exclusive to Thats SoFetch! 

Regular black coating will start to chip and scratch within DAYS of use. While ours is extremely scratch and chip resistant, it is not completely chip proof. But I can guarantee you will notice the difference!

Rose gold: Our rose gold hardware is zinc alloy metal coated with a rose gold coating. While it is durable, it can scratch. The scratches can be buffed with metal polish to lessen the effect. Rose gold is our least durable hardware and is considered more decorative.

Silver: Our silver hardware is coated zinc alloy metal. It is very durable, however, will show scratched over time, however, not as much as the rose gold. 

All of our rivets are made with brass. This means they are extremely strong and are rust resistant. 

To extend the life of your hardware, it should be cleaned and dried regularly. 

* Salt water is extremely corrosive. Please avoid exposure to salt water as this could cause zinc alloy metal to rust. We do not cover hardware that has rusted due to exposure to salt water. 

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